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BOARD30 Bandslide #2

Inside BOARD30 Boise Studio with Alison Anton

20 minutes of full-body, low-impact fitness with just a resistance band and a pair of floor sliders. BOARD30 Boise Studio owner, Alison Anton, leads you through this workout you can do in the safety of your own home.

What You Need

5-6 foot light to medium strength resistance band
A pair of floor sliders. (Good alternatives are paper plates, cloth towels or furniture sliders.) Knee pad, optional

Your space should be clear of clutter—no yoga mats either—because you’ll be moving around with the sliders.

You can do this on carpet, hardwood or linoleum (with the right sliders, of course… obviously cloth towels won’t move so well on the carpet!

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These free home videos are part of BOARD30 Studio’s effort to keep you moving and keep you positive during the outbreak.We obviously can’t be with you in your living room to help you make modifications and adjustments. Please listen to your body… if any exercise causes discomfort or pain, please decrease the intensity or back off entirely until the next exercise.

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