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BOARD30 Boise Fun Run #1

Fun Run #1 has 16 markers with fun exercises along the trail!

NOTE: With internet being so spotty right now, please make sure your map and marker videos load on your phone Google Maps app.

Get outdoors in the Boise foothills for our first Fun Run! Yes… You can always walk it! Our “Fun Runs” are mapped-out with markers along the way where you get to stop and use the environment to do specific exercises. We have it all laid out and mapped out for you!


Fun Runs are designed for you to do on your own time. They’re also a great way to engage your teens and tweens in “distancing” outdoor workouts with members of the same household.

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Fun Run 1 Trail Description

1-leg tricep dips along the Fun Run #1 trail!

Fun Run #1 is a two mile uphill/downhill trail. It starts at the Hulls Gulch Trailhead (Learning Center parking lot) and winds its way up the Red Cliffs Trail. You’ll stop at the “vista view” open area (before the trail makes a hard left up to Crestline Trail) then you’ll turn back and go down the connector to Kestrel Trail below, and back to the Learning Center parking area.

The Fun Run is dotted with 16 markers—places where you’ll stop and do some simple (but fun!) exercises before hitting the trail again. You can choose to walk or run between markets. And you can always opt out of any exercise that doesn’t feel right for you.

How It Works

We use Google My Maps to map out the run and its exercises. You will need to have access to the Google Maps phone app to use our Fun Run trail guide.

Click the map link above and it will take you to our Fun Run #1 map.

Note: You must be logged in to your Google Maps app in order to load the map.

Bring your phone on the trail and click onto each marker as you go to get the details of your next stopping point and exercise. Each marker will have a picture or a video snippet to help you get into your exercises.


  • Before you go, open the map and make sure you see it on your Google Maps phone app. If it doesn’t load, you may need to log yourself into the app. You can also try clicking the “Maps” link in the top nav, and then click “Saved” at the bottom. It should populate with the map.
  • Skim through the exercise videos before hitting the trail. A quick preview of what’s to come will help you stay on track once you’re on the trail.
  • Go in the morning before 9am. There are too many people on the trails after 9am to be able to maintain social distancing. You want to be able to stay at each marker for a couple minutes without having to interrupt yourself to move aside for oncoming hikers or bikers.
  • Wear workout gloves! You will be touching corral-type fences and should be very careful not to pick up germs, or leave them behind. Make sure not to touch your face during your run. Sanitize your gloves when you get home.
  • Please respect all current on-trail social distancing guidelines!! These are posted in the trailhead parking lot and must be respected.

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