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BOARD30 BOISE was created out of Alison Anton's desperate search for a high intensity workout that didn't kill her joints. She taught bootcamp classes until she went through early menopause—when her elbows and shoulders started showing signs of wear and tear. After a level-2 bicep strain, she gave it up for good.

"I was in search of a low-impact workout that was just as fun and vigorous as bootcamp. I couldn't find it."

Then Alison spent a week with Floery Mahoney, inventor of the BOARD30 fitness system. "BOARD30 was exactly what I wanted—there’s a million things you can do and the workout can be whatever level you want."

In addition to workouts on the Board30 bodyboard, Alison plans on bringing other fitness programs into the studio, and taking some programs outdoors! Virtual Races and "Fun Runs", a Natural Running and Walking Conditioning class, and Katy Bowman-style restorative movement practices are on the schedule to help us move better in our bodies throughout the day.