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BOARD30 Boise Is Open — 5 Workout Options

BOARD30 Fitness has options for you during Covid Phase-2 Reopening: Small-Group Studio Classes, Outdoor Band Workouts, Personal Training Sessions and Virtual Studio.


Our boutique BOARD30 Boise fitness studio in West Downtown reopened May 16. We’ve laid out the precautions and have strict protocols and procedures in place. Rest-assured, the health and safety of our clients is first and foremost.

Safe, Safer, Safest… We’ve got workout options for you

BOARD30 Boise Workout Packs can be purchased anytime and do not expire. (Exception: the New Client 3-for-1 Pack expires 2 weeks after purchase.) That means no matter what happens, you can always redeem your classes or private sessions later. We’re Banding Together through this.

Here’s what we have available:

Option 1 — Social-Distanced Studio Classes. BOARD30 indoor classes are limited to 5 people, spaced 10-feet apart. Strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are observed.

Option 2 — Social-Distanced Outdoor Workouts. BOARD30 outdoor workouts are held in the park inside the tennis court. We hook up our band stations 12-15 feet apart in the fresh air. Strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are observed.

Option 3 — Private Small-Group Classes. You pick who’s in your class! Great for families, friends or co-workers who are socially-distancing together. Minimum 4 students, max 8. Strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are observed.

Option 4 — Private Rehab and Personal Training Sessions. Our one-one-one sessions will be inside the studio, spaced anywhere from 10-20 feet apart! The door will remain open and strict social distancing and sanitization protocols will be observed.

Option 5 — BOARD30 Boise Virtual Studio. Members will have access to a variety of workouts using resistance bands, floor sliders and your own body weight in the safety of your own home. Free and paid membership levels will be available.

We want all our clients to keep moving and stay positive through this indefinite time, no matter what specific circumstances you’re in.

Please feel free to review our studio protocols and procedures (above).

Purchase CLASS PACKS here

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