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We have decided to preemptively close the studio to keep our members, teachers and families safe. No classes are available at this time.


COVID Safety — how we're creating a safer studio workout for you


  • 5 students max per class
  • Stations are spaced a full 10-feet apart
  • Stations and equipment are cleaned after EVERY use with 75% grain alcohol
  • No shared equipment during class
  • Limited classes to minimize exposure and impact
  • Surfaces, handles, seats, etc. are cleaned before & after EVERY class with 75% grain alcohol


  • Must wear a mask while entering/exiting the studio. Instructor is masked while teaching.
  • Must sanitize hands upon entering the studio
  • Must maintain 6-10 feet distance at all times
  • Advised to check temperature daily, especially before class
  • Required not to come to class if high risk of exposure
  • Only one instructor at this time (owner, Alison) who is practicing strict social distancing
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Class Descriptions

BALANCE CORE (cardio + sculpt + balance + core)
Not available at this time

Our HIIT flow class that focuses on balance, strength, stability and muscle lengthening. A moderate cardio workout along with floor-to-ceiling resistance bands. A challenging beginners and all levels class. 30 minutes of medium-intensity paired with short rests, followed by a 5-6 minute cool down.


Not available at this time

Our most popular BOARD30 class goes to the great outdoors! We bring our signature floor-to-ceiling resistance bands to the tennis court so we can do our fave studio moves in the fresh air while maintaining a greater social distance. (Board stations are 10-12 feet apart.) Test balance, strength, core and flexibility.
Location: Elm Grove Park - North End, Boise
2200 W Irene St, Boise, ID 83702


BIONIC CARDIO CORE (cardio + strength + balance + core)
Not available at this time

Get your cardio on and gain deep strength in the whole body. Increase mobility, balance and flexibility. This is our intermediate/advanced full-body HIIT class that works with multiple angles and levels of resistance using floor-to-ceiling resistance bands. 30 minutes of high-intensity paired with short rests, followed by a 5-6 minute cool down.

BARRE 30 (booty + balance + stability + core)
Not available at this time

30 minutes of slow burn combining barre work with our floor-to-ceiling resistance bands and other fitness props like sliders, walking bands and pilates balls. Low-and-slow movements to gain deep strength and stability in the glutes, hips and core. Low-impact (but high-intensity) paired with short rests, followed by a 5-6 minute cool down.


CORECAMP 30 (cardio + sculpt + balance + core)
Not available at this time

Please note: Corecamp30 is an all-levels class, but if you have trouble getting up and down off the floor quickly there may be a better class option for you. Recommended: Balance Core.

Our 30-minute circuit on and off the board for corework, balance, cardio and sculpting. Skybands, balls, blocks and Inertia Wave are used to challenge the smaller muscles of the core. 30 minutes with an optional 5-6 minute cool down at the end.

STRETCH REHAB (stretch + restore + stability + balance)
Not available at this time

Our restorative, post-injury class designed to increase function, flexibility, stability and range of motion to the injured area. Our miraculous resistance bands are used along with various props to help with active and passive stretches and restorative postures.